[dev-context] Example on \mathstyle + \mathchoice + grouping in the LuaMetaTeX Manual

Sebastian Miele sebastian.miele at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 23:29:36 CET 2020

It took me longer than I want to admit here to mentally parse the
example at the end of section 8.3.1 on \mathstyle, \mathchoice, and
grouping. In particular it took a while until I noticed that the b case
has no \bgroup ... \egroup. This may very well be because of temporary
stupidity on my side.

But nonetheless I recommend changing the example either so that the
mathchoices between \bgroup ... \egroup receive one more level of
indentation, or, even better, to change the example into something like:

      {\bf \scriptstyle       (#1:d :\mathstyle)}
      {\bf \scriptscriptstyle (#1:t :\mathstyle)}
      {\bf \scriptscriptstyle (#1:s :\mathstyle)}
      {\bf \scriptscriptstyle (#1:ss:\mathstyle)}}

[a:\mathstyle]\quad \bgroup\a x\egroup \quad
[b:\mathstyle]\quad        \a y        \quad
[c:\mathstyle]\quad \bgroup\a z\egroup \quad

Apart from being shorter, that totally minimizes the effort required by
the reader to mentally parse and compare what is equal and what is
different in the example.

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