[dev-context] Minor Problems in the LuaMetaTeX Manual

Sebastian Miele sebastian.miele at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 19:05:56 CET 2020

Hans Hagen <j.hagen at xs4all.nl> writes:

> Omega was to a large extend about supporting scripts and fonts for
> them and when doing so you sometimes need to indicate the boundry of
> words or glyph runs (regular tex also has a boundary char in the
> fonts).
> first hit on "omega leftghost"
> http://torus.math.uiuc.edu/jms/tex2mathml/omega-1.23.4/src/web_omega/omfont.ch

Using Startpage.com (anonymized Google) on my workstation, "omega
leftghost" does not give the hit (under the first ten results). The same
for Google.com on my workstation, both when I am logged in with my
Google account, and when I am not. On my phone, I get the hit as the 8th
result of a Google.com search without being logged in. Maybe (the way
you use) your search engine has permitted it to get to know your biases
and serve you better. Maybe something else is different.

Nonetheless, I did not search for "omega leftghost" yesterday. At this
stage of getting into (ConTeXt) LMTX I just want to get a (necessarily
somewhat superficial) high-level overview of the entire low level, so to
speak. Strategically, I postpone reading source code until after having
this overview, because I imagine that I will be much better equipped for
that with a rough mental map of the territory, a rough understanding of
the purpose of each element I may encounter.

Hence, I only searched for expository material, and used only "ghost" in
searches and not "leftghost" or "rightghost", because I assume that
matching expository material would use the term "ghost".

> (thinking of it, i'm not sure if we should keep it because I'm not
> aware of fonts that have kerns wrt left and right ghist glyphs; we do
> have a boundary node system instead)

I am definitely sure now that I can forget about ghost nodes for the
foreseeable future.

Thanks for the answer!

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