[dev-context] Minor Problems in the LuaMetaTeX Manual

Sebastian Miele sebastian.miele at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 02:44:48 CET 2020

"The characters table is a list of character hashes indexed by an
integer number": The sentence says that the table is a list. According
to 'Programming in Lua' that indeed is the case. But the term 'list'
conveys that the order of the items is something that matters, which
(most probably) is not the case here. As far as I see, the intent of the
table is to just map character codes to character information. Using the
term 'list' in that context is a bit misleading.

"and tell the engine that œ counts as one character": I think it should
be "two characters".

"In figure ?? and 7.7 we show what happens with three samples"

"(the ones resulting from an \exhyphenchar": Missing closing

"the case relate codes": "relate" instead of "related".

"This word separation is worth mentioning because": Should be
"separation of stages" or just "separation" instead of "word
separation". Maybe "work separation" was intended.

In the table at the top of page 80, the "sub 1" probably should go
directly below "POST", and the "sub 2" directly below "REPLACE". Now
they occur aligned to the numbering of the terminal nodes of the
structure presented in the table.

"it does not expect there to be discretionaries inside of
discretionaries": As far as I understood the previous text, what is
really meant here is "it does expect there not to be discretionaries
inside of discretionaries".

The Lua(Meta)TeX manuals talk about ghost nodes. I did not find any
information on what that is. Up to now, for all other stuff encountered
in the LuaMetaTeX manual that I did not know and wanted to have a rough
idea of what it is about, I found the relevant information either in the
LuaMetaTeX manual itself, in TeX by Topic, or in the ε-TeX manual. I.e.
I found it using the LuaMetaTeX manual itself, or the manuals that were
referenced at the beginning of chapter 1 of the LuaMetaTeX manual as
important additional material.

The Lua(Meta)TeX manual mentiones that \leftghost and \rightghost come
from Aleph. I searched the web quite a bit about Omega and Aleph on that
issue, and tried other things, but found nothing of relevance. There is
a manual for Omega, but, after conversion from ps to pdf, and opening
the pdf with Evince, the search function did not find the phrase 'ghost'
in it, either.

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