[dev-context] Typos in the LuaMetaTex Manual

Sebastian Miele sebastian.miele at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 02:35:01 CET 2020

"separation between font- and backend": "font" instead of "front".

"(an UNICODE or index)": "an" instead of "a". (U is a vowel, but its
pronounciation starts with a consonant sound. The pronounciation decides
whether a(n).)

"A node can have a subtype to that it": "to" instead of "so".

"with an node": "an" instead of "a".

"(here we do that with [a]": Missing closing parenthesis.

"but if you need a dozen you might wonder what you’re doing. .": Two
consecutive full stops.

"and expands it content": "it" instead of "its".

"But this kind of expansion it still": Superflous "it".

"This primitives is like \ignorespaces": "primitives" instead of

"These commands are use as": "use" instead of "used".

"There is an nice side effect": "an" instead of "a".

"in several places where the engine to deal with the dimensions of
nodes": Missing verb.

"as mentioned ,their": Space and comma transposed.

"reference to an image s specification": Space instead of "'".

"An implementation probably should accepts": "accepts" instead of

"when no proper nested grouping is used": "proper" instead of

"This is conform the LuaTeX philosophy.": "is conform" instead of e.g.
"is conform to" or "conforms to".

"can be present in en entry": "en" instead of "an".

In section 6.2 (Defining Fonts) the word 'hash' is used strangely. It
seems like it is used to mean hash tables: "The parameters is a hash
with mixed key types", "The characters table is a list of character
hashes indexed by an integer number", "Each character hash itself is a
hash", "The kerns table is a hash indexed by character index", "The
ligatures table is a hash indexed by character index", "with the values
being yet another small hash, with two fields".

"They were mostly use for": "use" instead of "used".

"At the font level there can be a fonts an (indexed) Lua table."

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