[dev-context] Typos in the LuaMetaTeX Manual

Sebastian Miele sebastian.miele at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 04:41:30 CET 2020

"The same is true fir"

"More fine-grained primitives control is possible and you can look up
the details in section 10.3.15. For simplicity’s sake, this manual
assumes that you have executed the \directlua command as given above.":
I think the second sentence was true in the LuaTeX manual, but is not
true in the LuaMetaTeX manual.

"Calling some form of tex.enableprimitives is highly important though,
because if you do not, you will end up with a TEX82-lookalike that can
run LUA code but not do much else.": Since LuaMetaTeX enables all
primitives by default, this is not true anymore.

"In the following syntax tables, such as the type of such a userdata
object is represented as ⟨node⟩.": Remove "such as".

'The return values of node.values("glue" are:': Missing closing
parenthesis. Ditto in the following 'The return values of ... are'

"when we issue this command, we get a table.": Lower case "w" at the
beginning of the sentence.

"where the number don’t relate to importance": "number" instead of

"This function that will append a node list to TEX’s ‘current list’.":
Remove "that".

"You mignt need"

"This helper makes sure that the node lists is double linked": "lists"
instead of "list"

" find_node": This section somehow has "node.traverse_list" in
it instead of "node.find_node".

"is a single tokens": "tokens" instead of "token".

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