[dev-context] Possible Problem with Mailing List Setup

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 10:03:29 CET 2020

On Sun, 26 Jan 2020 at 09:02, Henri Menke wrote:
> On 1/26/20 5:50 PM, Sebastian Miele wrote:
> > About a week ago I sent four mails to this mailing list without being
> > subscribed. For each mail I got a reply that the message awaits
> > moderator approval. After that I subscribed to the list, because it is
> > low volume, and I want to spare the moderator some approval work.
> >
> > Shortly after that my subscription to the list got approved. But to date
> > the messages sent before did not appear on the list. After waiting for a
> > week, I revised the four messages and sent them again. So the not
> > approved mails are obsolete by now.

The emails which went through are listed here:
and none of your messages are pending moderation any longer.

> > Since I assume that most moderators would not approve me subscribing to
> > the list after I sent four disapproved messages, the most probably thing
> > is that the messages got lost. I.e. sending mail to this list without
> > being subscribed currently is not possible.
> As I understand it, your messages are also slightly “off-topic” on this
> list.

I didn't read your messages, so I don't want to make any judgments
about whether the content was off-topic or not, I just wanted to
clarify that:
- There might be dozens of spam messages per day, and less than one
legit message per month.
- At that ratio it's very very very likely that legit messages get
unnoticed in the sea of spam and discarded (I'm actually not sure why
we don't simply send a message saying "sorry, your message won't be
delivered, please subscribe" instead, but I'm not even sure if that's
an option).
- There's only one moderator reminder email per day. What moderators
always notice are new subscriptions. Carefully going through zillion
of spam messages to find any false negatives is another issue.
- It's very very unlikely that anyone would disapprove a legitimate
message about ConTeXt on purpose, even if it wasn't "fully on topic",
as you say. A lot more likely is that it was discarded by accident.
The only intention of moderation is to prevent advertisements for blue
pills etc. ... ;)

What you can always do is subscribe and opt out of receiving emails.
Then you can freely post, the only problem is getting email with
replies to which you want to reply again later. Maybe the mailing list
could automatically add the sender to CC, that often sounds like a
better option (this would need to be changed by the admin).

> To report errors, better use the ntg-context list (that is what I
> do at least) and only submit patches to dev-context.  The low volume on
> this list is intentional, because it's only fixes and patches.

I don't know if the low volume is really intentional, or more like a
consequence of not too many people sending patches, and those few who
do, do that directly to Hans, circumventing the mailing list. (I have
a feeling that the initial intention was the opposite: to not bother
users on the main list with complex off-topic stuff that they don't
understand anyway. But that's just a wild guess.) In any case it's
true that most of the discussions happen on ntg-context. And it's also
true that the volume is relatively high there.


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