[dev-context] Possible Problem with Mailing List Setup

Henri Menke henrimenke at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 09:02:00 CET 2020

On 1/26/20 5:50 PM, Sebastian Miele wrote:
> About a week ago I sent four mails to this mailing list without being
> subscribed. For each mail I got a reply that the message awaits
> moderator approval. After that I subscribed to the list, because it is
> low volume, and I want to spare the moderator some approval work.
> Shortly after that my subscription to the list got approved. But to date
> the messages sent before did not appear on the list. After waiting for a
> week, I revised the four messages and sent them again. So the not
> approved mails are obsolete by now.
> Since I assume that most moderators would not approve me subscribing to
> the list after I sent four disapproved messages, the most probably thing
> is that the messages got lost. I.e. sending mail to this list without
> being subscribed currently is not possible.

As I understand it, your messages are also slightly “off-topic” on this
list.  To report errors, better use the ntg-context list (that is what I
do at least) and only submit patches to dev-context.  The low volume on
this list is intentional, because it's only fixes and patches.

Cheers, Henri

> Best wishes
> Sebastian
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