[dev-context] Possible Problem with Mailing List Setup

Sebastian Miele sebastian.miele at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 05:50:51 CET 2020

About a week ago I sent four mails to this mailing list without being
subscribed. For each mail I got a reply that the message awaits
moderator approval. After that I subscribed to the list, because it is
low volume, and I want to spare the moderator some approval work.

Shortly after that my subscription to the list got approved. But to date
the messages sent before did not appear on the list. After waiting for a
week, I revised the four messages and sent them again. So the not
approved mails are obsolete by now.

Since I assume that most moderators would not approve me subscribing to
the list after I sent four disapproved messages, the most probably thing
is that the messages got lost. I.e. sending mail to this list without
being subscribed currently is not possible.

Best wishes

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