[dev-context] document.showprimitives in luametatex-tex.tex

Sebastian Miele sebastian.miele at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 05:36:13 CET 2020

luametatex-tex.tex defines and shortly thereafter uses a Lua function
document.showprimitives. The definition of the function uses:


tex.extraprimitives(tag) returns a sequence. table.sortedpairs sorts on
the keys of the sequence. In the case of a sequence, table.sortedpairs
is equivalent to ipairs, and probably not what is intended here. See the
results of the current uses of document.showprimitives in the PDF. They
are not sorted alphabetically.

There probably should be a sort on the values of the sequence returned
by tex.extraprimitives(tag). A few weeks ago, this problem was present
in the LuaTeX manual, too.

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