[dev-context] Typo in generic fontloader code for SVG

Marcel Fabian Kr├╝ger tex at 2krueger.de
Wed Sep 11 12:00:59 CEST 2019


in font-ocl.lua, inkscape is called to convert SVG table entries to PDF.
This also has a "poor mans variant for generic" around line 464 which is
probably supposed to call io.popen, but calls io.open instead. Of course
this breaks the conversion  and leads to the creation of a weird file.
(See https://github.com/latex3/luaotfload/issues/96 for details)

Maybe this can be fixed to use `io.popen`?

There is also a harder to fix issue: Currently the code tries to do the
SVG to PDF conversion when caching the font. Especially when
shell-escape is disabled, this fails. Now the problem is that in this
case rerunning the commands with shell-escape enabled doesn't help
because the (empty) cached entries are used. Could you add some logic to
try to recreate the cache if the existing PDF cache for a font is empty?

Best regards,

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