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Alan Braslau braslau.list at comcast.net
Sun May 5 02:02:48 CEST 2019

I don’t know if that is correct, but clearly \quotation and \quote at first view seem strange to give the same result.

According to the Règles typographiques en usage à l’imprimerie nationale, p.51 :

Nota- Guillemets ouvrants et guillemets fermants ne doivent pas être employés les uns pour les autres. C’est ainsi que les citations de deuxième rang ne doivent jamais être marquées en début de ligne par des guillemets fermants, comme cela se pratique parfois fautivement. De même, on n’emploiera qu’exceptionnellement dans un texte en français les guillemets anglais ouvrants (“) et fermants (”).

So *only* exceptionally should \upperleftdoublesixquote and \upperrightdoubleninequote EVER be used.
When I want them, I use {\en\quotation{…}} so as to specifically show what I am doing!

Longer quotations are to be set off from the text, i.e. with the equivalent of \startnarrower [left] … \stopnarrower and quotes within should use guillemots. Maybe this is just proper usage by the user, but I have always found the current ConTeXt definitions to be correct so that

   … \quote{} ou
   \startquote … \stopquote

is the proper coding, of course with \startquotation\stopquotation being defined to typeset a narrower paragraph.

So I disagree. Of course, a user is free to redefine these setups according to his or her own taste but should only do this \italic {en connaissance de cause}.


> On 4May19, at 14:38, Tomas Hala <tomas.hala at mendelu.cz> wrote:
> Hi all,
> greetings from BachoTeX.
> With Jean-Michel, we found out that there is the unsuitable setting
> for French nested quotation marks in lang-def.mkiv (TL 2018):
>   \c!leftquote=\leftguillemot,
>   \c!rightquote=\rightguillemot,
> After discussion (also with Damian) the better and most frequently used
> setting should be the following:
>   \c!leftquote=\upperleftdoublesixquote,
>   \c!rightquote=\upperrightdoubleninequote,
> %%%%%%
> \installlanguage
>  [\s!fr]
>  [\c!spacing=\v!packed,
>   \c!leftsentence=\emdash,
>   \c!rightsentence=\emdash,
>   \c!leftsubsentence=\emdash,
>   \c!rightsubsentence=\emdash,
>   \c!leftquote=\upperleftdoublesixquote,
>   \c!rightquote=\upperrightdoubleninequote,
>   \c!leftquotation=\leftguillemot,
>   \c!rightquotation=\rightguillemot,
>   \c!date={\v!day:mnem,\v!space,\v!month,\v!space,\v!year}]
> %%%%%%
> Would somebody check it and change it in newer versions?
> The best,
> Tomáš
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Alan Braslau

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