[dev-context] typo-brk.lua

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 21:00:29 CET 2019


a local definition for numbers has to be added to get language dependant 
settings to \definebreakpoint.

function breakpoints.handler(head)
     local done    = false
     local attr    = nil
     local map     = nil
     local current = head
     while current do
         local char, id = isglyph(current)
         if char then
          -- local a = getattr(current,a_breakpoints)
             local a = takeattr(current,a_breakpoints)
             if a and a > 0 then
                 if a ~= attr then
                     local data = mapping[a]
                     if data then
                         map = data.characters
                         map = nil
                     attr = a
                 if map then
                     local cmap = map[char]
                     if cmap then
                      -- setattr(current,a_breakpoints,unsetvalue) -- 
should not be needed
                         -- for now we collect but when found ok we can 
move the handler here
                         -- although it saves nothing in terms of 
                         local lang    = getlang(current)
+                       local numbers = languages.numbers
                         local smap    = lang and lang >= 0 and lang < 
0x7FFF and (cmap[numbers[lang]] or cmap[""])
                         if smap then


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