[dev-context] attachments in PDF/A-3

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sun Mar 17 16:41:31 CET 2019

Dear list,

my sample to add attachments to a PDF/A-3 valid document is the following:



       intent=sRGB IEC61966-2.1,


    an attachment\attachment[file=xml-mkiv.pdf]

There are five reported errors when tested with the latest development
version of veraPDF (http://downloads.verapdf.org/dev/verapdf-installer.zip):

- Annotation should have /F value
unless their Rect key value 1 equal to value 3 and value 2 equal to
value 4, or the annotation subtype is /Popup or /Link.

- Although not reported, the /F value should conform these considerations:

    If present, the F key's Print flag bit shall be set to 1 and its
    Hidden, Invisible, ToggleNoView, and NoView flag bits shall be set
    to 0.

- Annotations need an appearance dictionary
unless the same exception for the /F value apply.

- The /EmbeddedFile dictionary should specify the MIME type in its
/Subtype entry

- The /AFRelationship key is missing from the /Filespec dictionary
Possible values are: Source, Data, Alternative, Supplement,
EncryptedPayload, FormData, Schema or Unspecified (from

- The /Filespec lacks association with the PDF document or any of its
parts, such as pages

    it seems that either the /Catalog or a /Page dictionary (there are
    other ones, but I would limit attachments in ConTeXt to those two
    [if not to the /Catalog itself only]) should contain an /AF entry
    with the reference to the /Filespec object(s). I assume that
    the value type for the /AF entry is an array of one or multiple
    object references.

These are all the issues veraPDF finds when validating the PDF document
generated from the source above.

I hope it helps. Many thanks for your help,


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