[dev-context] Caption in floatcombination is too low

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 20:15:57 CET 2019

Hi Hans,

there is a big gap between the content and the caption of each float in 
a floatcombination environment.

%%%% begin example


\startplacefigure[title={First graphic}]

   \startplacefigure[title={Second graphic}]

%%%% end example

This is probably a result of the following two command from 
strc-flt.mkvi where you put the caption in a \vbox with a height of 1pt 
and flush it afterwards in \vtop which shifts the content down to the 
baseline. As a result of this a empty space was added at the top of the 

A simple fix for this is to raise the box with the caption when it is 
added to the combination.

%%%% begin strc-flt.mkvi
    \vpack to \onepoint{\box\b_strc_floats_content}\break
    \vpack to \onepoint{\box\b_strc_floats_caption}}

     %   \ifdim\ht\scratchbox=2\onepoint
     %     \exitloop
     %   \fi}%
      \global\setbox\b_strc_floats_separate_content\vsplit\scratchbox to 
      \global\setbox\b_strc_floats_separate_caption\vsplit\scratchbox to 
%%%% end strc-flt.mkvi


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