[dev-context] palatino at 10.5pt bold not found when using project structure w/ MkIV

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at olin.edu
Sat Jul 6 12:33:07 CEST 2013


Thank you for all your solutions!

> 2. You can omit the \usetypescript line.

Good to know.  Does the "palatino" keyword in \setupbodyfont
automatically do that now (in Mark IV)?

Should I wikify that bit of information (as MkIV-only)?  (Since I don't
really understand how the fonts work, I am hesitant to wikify much about
it and put up incorrect information.)

> 3. Move the \setupbodyfont setting *before* \startcomponent.

Right, I found that by experiment.  But how should you do that with
projects?  The \setupbodyfont is usually part of an environment file,
which is loaded by the project file.  Should the "\project project_file"
line be placed before the "\startcomponent"?  Like this:

  \project project_file
  \startcomponent component_name

If that's the recommended way, I can update

> 4. Add \definebodyfontenvironment[10.5pt] to your document.

Thanks, that fixes everything.  On the theory of teaching a man to fish,
how did you learn so much about making ConTeXt do just the right thing?

> 1. Use the normal and not the developer list for such a question.

I thought it was a bug (and it might be, though your
definebodyfontenvironment solution makes me wonder if it is just my not
knowing enough).  In general, should bug reports go to the regular list?


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