[dev-context] MetaPost 1.803 announcement

Taco Hoekwater taco at docwolves.nl
Sun Jun 16 17:52:23 CEST 2013

I am happy to announce a new release of MetaPost:

MetaPost 1.803

This is a bugfix release for 1.802.

The win32 binary as well as a source archive can be downloaded
immediately from the files section at


If you want to build MetaPost yourself, you can also do an anonymous
subversion checkout:

   $ svn checkout --username anonsvn 

The password is anonsvn

What is new in MetaPost version 1.803:

* Fixed a bug in the path tension handling that sometimes caused
   distorted output.

* A number of small alterations to the build system making it easier
   to integrate metapost with W32TEX.

* Fix the internal rounding functions in --numbersystem=double so that
   they round exactly like in --numbersystem=scaled mode.

* From Elie Roux: a fix to graph.mp to prevent log-scaled graphs with
   large ranges from causing the "Value is too large" error.

Have fun!

Taco Hoekwater, for the MetaPost team, April 5, 2013.

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