[dev-context] Difference between LM and CM font size

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Mon Feb 11 02:18:05 CET 2013


While checking my context article for tugboat, Karl Berry found that 
typewriter fonts were coming out a bit smaller than expected. The 
following test file shows this:

{\font\myfont = cmtt9 \myfont externalfigure[logo.pdf][width=1cm]}

{\font\myfont = ec-lmtt9 \myfont externalfigure[logo.pdf][width=1cm]}

With ConTeXt MkIV 2013.01.27 (and also with ConTeXt TL), I get the 
attached output. Notice that the first and second line are of different 

Both lines are of the same height and width with MkII and with plain TeX.

Any ideas on what is happening here? And more specifically, how can I get 
a typing environment whose font size is the same as that of cmtt9. Using


switches to font size that is the same as ec-lmtt9 in the above example.

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