[dev-context] \hskip for hanging descriptions

Marco Patzer homerow at lavabit.com
Wed Nov 14 18:36:17 CET 2012

2012-11-14 Hans Hagen:

> changing skips/kerns is always somewhat dangerous as one suddenly can 
> get unwanted breaks ... is there a use case?

There is. Long description heads protrude into the margin. With the
original definition I always have to manually check if that's the
case, since the result is unacceptable. I use the proposed setting
since two months for all my documents and for me it didn't break


\startdescription{conclusion that}
  \input knuth

\startdescription{conclusion that the designer of a new system must not only be literally}
  \input knuth

The fix was actually proposed by Phillip.


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