[dev-context] Local settings for frame borders

Marco netuse at lavabit.com
Mon May 28 18:27:47 CEST 2012

On 2012-05-28 Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Add these setups to the module (there is no need for the braces):
> \setupTABLE [  \c!left\c!rulethickness=\framedparameter\c!rulethickness,  \c!left\c!framecolor=\framedparameter\c!framecolor]
> \setupTABLE [ \c!right\c!rulethickness=\framedparameter\c!rulethickness, \c!right\c!framecolor=\framedparameter\c!framecolor]
> \setupTABLE [   \c!top\c!rulethickness=\framedparameter\c!rulethickness,   \c!top\c!framecolor=\framedparameter\c!framecolor]
> \setupTABLE [\c!bottom\c!rulethickness=\framedparameter\c!rulethickness,\c!bottom\c!framecolor=\framedparameter\c!framecolor]

That does not work, unfortunately. Thought, it doesn't throw a
compile error any more. The value rulethickness is not used for
toprulethickness, if not given explicitly. The following should be
equal, but it isn't:

  \setupTABLE [frame=off, rulethickness=.03em]
  \setupTABLE [frame=off, rulethickness=.03em, toprulethickness=.03em]


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