[dev-context] Bugs: \WORD and \WORDS behave identically; \Cap and \CAP do nothing

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Mar 29 11:12:20 CEST 2012

On 28-3-2012 22:46, Sietse Brouwer wrote:

>> The cap you want is something \Word{\smallcaps ...}. The old mkii cap code
>> is mostly a solution for fonts lacking small capitals.
> This works for me at home (MkIV), but not on the wiki (MkII). I'm
> running 2012.02.08 MkIV at home, while the wiki runs 2011.10.08 MkII.

for mkii: \sc (which might trigger a smallcaps font if present) or 
\cap{\Word{...}} as there \cap is a font switch

>>> (3) \CAP{some \\{text}} does nothing; the double backslash only
>>> produces a newline.
>>> According to the manual, \CAP changes letters that are preceded by \\
>>> into capital letters.
> (Actually, turns out this works under MkII, but not MkIV.)
>> Hm. Do we need that kind of stuff? If not (no longer) than we need to fix
>> the (fonts) manual.
> I can't imagine anyone being in a position that they *can* insert
> backslashes, but *can't* just capitalize the letters. I see no
> objection to marking this command obsolete, myself. I'm not in a
> position to edit the fonts manual, though.

Ok, let's consider it obsolete in mkiv then. Can you put that on the wiki?


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