[dev-context] Bugs: \WORD and \WORDS behave identically; \Cap and \CAP do nothing

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Mar 28 18:38:02 CEST 2012

On 28-3-2012 00:15, Sietse Brouwer wrote:
> Hi all,
> (1) In MkIV, \WORD{some text} and \WORDS{some text} both turn the
> entire text to uppercase ("SOME TEXT"). By analogy with \Word and
> \Words, I would expect \WORD to only uppercase the first word ("SOME
> text"),

\WORD and \WORDS always have been synonyms (if needed we can have \FIRSTWORD

> (2) \Cap produces the amsmath \Cap even in text mode. That's the
> double intersection symbol.
> Link to picture:
> http://www.marathon-studios.com/unicode/U22D2/Double_Intersection
> According to the manual, "\Cap changes the first character of a word
> into a capital".
> \Caps already changes a string to small capitals, with the first
> letter of every word uppercase; so, I would expect \Cap to change a
> string to small capitals with the first letter of the string
> uppercase. (I think the manual migh be saying this; it's not quite
> clear.)

The cap you want is something \Word{\smallcaps ...}. The old mkii cap 
code is mostly a solution for fonts lacking small capitals.

> (3) \CAP{some \\{text}} does nothing; the double backslash only
> produces a newline.
> According to the manual, \CAP changes letters that are preceded by \\
> into capital letters.
> The documentation comments in typo-cap.mkiv also mention the \CAP{ ...
> .... \\{...} ...} syntax, but the comments don't say what it should do.

Hm. Do we need that kind of stuff? If not (no longer) than we need to 
fix the (fonts) manual.

> They're not terribly important commands, to be sure, but they might
> also be easy fixes. I don't need them for myself; I simply picked a
> random command + its relatives to improve on the Wiki.

Best fix the wiki. Especially with regards to fonts some of the more 
obscure things have become obsolete due to the fact that opentype fonts 
are more complete. For instance the concept of small caps and old style 
font as a separate entity has gone.

Thanks for noticing,


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