[dev-context] Bugs: align[outer] requires setuppagenumbering, and fails on odd pages

Sietse Brouwer sbbrouwer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 18:12:38 CET 2012

Dear devs,

When I try to use \startalignment[outer], it fails when one of the
following is true:

* the command is invoked on an odd-numbered page, or
* \setuppagenumbering[alternative=doublesided] was not called first.

Regarding the second point, the bug is that I believe
\setuplayout[location=doublesided] also ought to work, but doesn't.

I get the same "! undefined control sequence" error message in all
cases; the error message and a minimal *working* example are
reproduced below, with comments showing how to break the working



--------------begin error text--------------
<argument> \c_spac_align_state_horizontal_left

\firstoftwoarguments #1#2->#1

\spac_align_flush_horizontal ..._horizontal_right
                                                 \or \ifcase \c_spac_align_...
\spac_align_add_to_cache ...lign_flush_horizontal
\spac_align_setup ...\spac_align_add_to_cache {#1}
--------------end error text--------------

--------------self-contained example that does not fail--------------------
\setuppapersize[A9] % not required

% remove the following line to induce failure

% This line ought to work instead of the setuppagenumbering line,
% but it doesn't.

\showframe % not required

% To induce failure by pushing startalignment onto an odd page,
% remove the next line or, alternatively, duplicate it.
Page 1 \page[yes]

\startalignment[outer] % must be on even page!
Page 2
Page 3

--------------------end example that does not fail------------------------

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