[dev-context] numbers

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jan 16 22:59:59 CET 2012

Hi Wolfgang,

I redid some of strc-num so you'd better test it. One difference is that 
the 'user variants' do some checking due to the dodouble etc

An alternative is to have different ones for normal and sub and do 
something like \def\xxx[#1]#2[#3]{...{#1}{#3}} i.e. hard tex errors
instead of warnings.

A problem might be that users use \raw*counter which was expandable 
while now we have ...value alternatives for that (could be done 
consistently for more commands. Ok, we could keep old ones and use 
*value for checked ones instead. It all boils down to how compatible we 
want to be.

So ... just an ftp beta and no public one yet.


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