[dev-context] Help regarding context architecture and compilation

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Sun Jan 16 16:44:09 CET 2011

> Anyway: being the reference, the garden minimals are the starting point.  
> If one chooses for luatex/mkiv only only a fraction is needed: it could  
> be nice study to see how small it can get.

  I think the point is that if you want to do nice typography and / or
support many different scripts and languages, you need a lot of fonts,
which have the potential to make the size explode with virtually no
limits (think CJKV...).  That is anyway one of the conclusions that have
been reached during the recent thread on the TeX Live list (about a
hypothetical "modern" scheme for TeX Live).


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