[dev-context] cont-en.xml

taco taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Jul 6 20:23:55 CEST 2010

Wolfgang Schuster wrote:

> I'm against storing the command definition in the relevant files because
> the definitions are meant for documentation and it's nonsense in this way
> because you need sometimes references to other commands and who should
> you show a command for spacing which is written in a font file.

Well, they could be extracted automatically to a normal
lua file, but you had a good point about the \section etc
later on, so a separate file would probably be better

And I also prefer the lua style, much less verbose than xml
while still containing all needed info. The Tex-like
stuff was meant as an example of what *could* be done,
but getting a good syntax for that that is still extensible
could be quite hard and why should we bother if the lua
code is readable enough.

However, we *do* have to write a formal description of the
lua syntax to avoid confusion, if this is indeed the way
to go. At this point I think we should ask Hans' how he feels
about this stuff, but unf. he has hardware problems and is
not as reachable as could be. Should be solved in a day or so.

Best wishes,

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