[dev-context] 2 columns itmize in letter module possible

Jörg Hecke j.hecke at seh.de
Wed Feb 17 23:46:04 CET 2010

Hi Wolfgang, 

many thanks for the brilliant tips! 

Am 17.02.2010 um 23:18 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:
> \startsimplecolumns[n=2]
> \startitemize
> \item ...
> ...

Thanks. That's a smart workaround!

>> \startletter
>>   [subject=Verteiben der Position \quotation{nicht hier {\bf B11r} },
>>    opening=Sehr geehrter Herr nicht Hier\textcomma,
>>    closing=Mit freundlichen Grüßen\crlf\crlf\crlf Jörg Hecke]
> \setupletterstyle[closing][inbetween={\blank[3*line]}]
> \startletter
>  [subject={Vertreiben der Position \quotation{nicht hier {\bf B11r}}},
>   opening={Sehr geehrter Herr nicht Hier,},
>   closing={Mit freundlichen Grüßen},
>   signature={Jörg Hecke}]

Again: Wow.I did not know this. So many thinks to learn for me. 
I have a really nice nice cv and letter thanks to your help and great module. 


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