[dev-context] unicode-math

Philipp A. trueflyingsheep at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 11 02:49:14 CET 2010

context in combination with luatex is quite the way to go for me, but i have
one thing that i would love to see inside context:
the guys there are making a good job of mapping tons of unicode sequences to
latex commands, so we should really profit from this project.

is it possible to integrate it into context or to create a package for this
i would love to write $y = x² ± 2µ ⇒ y ≠ √{α ⁄ 5}$, while still being able
to write $y = x^2 \pm 2\mu \Rightarrow y \neq \frac{α \over 5}$ or any
combination of the two.

i would too love to participate in a project making this possible, but i
don’t know how to start coding (i could only write a preprocessor in python
doing this, but that would be rather a workaround than the true thing.)


PS: the ⁄ i used is a „fraction slash“, not a simple solidus, which of
course would still be rendered as solidus.
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