[dev-context] Mac installation package

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Mon Aug 24 00:17:58 CEST 2009

On Sun, 23 Aug 2009, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:

> Am 23.08.2009 um 22:06 schrieb Aditya Mahajan:
>> On Sun, 23 Aug 2009, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
>>> I thought about integrating the version check into \setupmodule because 
>>> the command is only used in modules and available in MkII and MkIV but 
>>> Thomas and Aditya use it in the simpleslides module to pass parameters to 
>>> the module and this a few times at different places and not only at the 
>>> start of the file.
>> If you have a suggestion that will make things cleaner, we (Thomas and I) 
>> can easily change the internals of simple slides to accomodate that.

> In your module you can either use \getparameters or – what I think you 
> want in your module – \setvariables because it's not very different to 
> \setupmodule.

I thought that \setupmodule was meant for passing parameters to modules, 
mainly because of the following comment in core-fil

% \usemodule[newmml]
% \usemodule[newmml][a=b]
% \usemodule[x][newmml]
% \usemodule[x][newmml][a=b]
% \startmodule [mathml]
%   \setupmodule[a=c] \relax [\currentmoduleparameter{a}] % user vars will 
be set afterwards
%   \setupmodule[a=c] \relax [\currentmoduleparameter{a}] % user vars are 
now forgotten
% \stopmodule

As, \setupmodule is just \getparameters with a few defaults in place, 
I can also use \getparamters with \currentmoduleparamters.

> To stop the TeX run we can have
> \setupmodule[contextversion=2009.08.22]
> at the begin of a module and ConTeXt will abort the run if the key 
> 'contextversion' has a value and context is older than the user has 
> requested.

Do you want this to check to be part of the definition of \setupmodule? 
One difficultly that I see is that typically this will mean that we need 
to set this separately for each engine.


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