[dev-context] Mac installation package

Jörg Hecke j.hecke at seh.de
Thu Aug 20 18:08:43 CEST 2009


> ... The reason is that the latest version of the t-simplefonts  
> module (which is the one you obtained) makes use of ConTeXt kernel  
> commands (\startprocesscommacommand) which seem to have only been  
> introduced lately. In other words, the version I packaged into the  
> experimental installer is too old for the current module. So not  
> your fault.

Ok. So the point is that I should search for an older version of the t- 
simplefonts module which does not yet request this new and specific  
kernel command, right?
(Or just skip the idea of trying to use Myriad Pro I assume)

> Keep in mind though that this might happen frequently without  
> warning since you're working with development code here. For the  
> moment I'm merely trying to establish something along the lines of a  
> nightly installer build ... since there's no regression test suite I  
> can't even test whether anything works but the most basic features.  
> Also, modules don't check for a minimum kernel version required :-(

Hmm, yep. Quite a fair warning. OK. I was so naïve, that it would be a  
breeze to add some modules simply by myself. My problem is really to  
detect whether it was my stupidity (in 99% the case) or if something  
else went wrong.
I do read the ntg-context list and many remarks ("This is broken in  
MKIV", "Ah I see, just use this patch...") are quite kind of scary to  
me, since I would be completely lost applying such patches, snippets  
of code, etc. But overall, all the information and the help of the  
context lists is really extremly informative and helpful and I am  
learning lots of new things daily.

But using fonts is beyond my horizon at the moment, unfortunately.  
Therefor I was keen on trying the simplefonts module.

I will definitely look forward to your next version of the installer.

many thanks again for all and regards

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