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Jörg Hecke j.hecke at seh.de
Tue Aug 18 15:10:11 CEST 2009

>> Would it be possible to install (optionally perhaps) third party  
>> modules like t-letter and t-simplefonts also?
> Yeah, that should be doable. The Apple installer definitely supports  
> packages with several (optional) components. ... I'll put it on the  
> roadmap.

Great. Many thanks for that!

> Well, you can. If you want these modules to be available to all  
> local users of your Mac  place the entire directory hierarchy of  
> each module in the tree /usr/local/context/2009-06-11-beta/texmf- 
> local. You'll need admin access though since /usr/local/context is a  
> protected system directory.

I knew I need an installer. :-(
I have downloaded the archive "t-simplefonts-2009.08.01.zip" from <http://modules.contextgarden.net/simplefonts 
 > and placed this zip file in the place "/usr/local/context/ 
2009-06-11-beta/texmf-local" and switched to the terminal:

---Terminal Output---
titus:~ jh$ su admin
Password: ********
bash-3.2$ cd /usr/local/context/2009-06-11-beta/texmf-local
bash-3.2$ ls
bash-3.2$ sudo unzip t-simplefonts-2009.08.01.zip
Password: ********
Archive:  t-simplefonts-2009.08.01.zip
    creating: tex/
    creating: tex/context/
    creating: tex/context/third/
    creating: tex/context/third/simplefonts/
bash-3.2$ ls
doc                          t-simplefonts-2009.08.01.zip
source                       tex
bash-3.2$ sudo luatools --generate
LuaTools | fileio: variable SELFAUTOLOC set to /usr/local/context/ 
LuaTools | fileio: variable SELFAUTODIR set to /usr/local/context/ 
LuaTools | fileio: variable SELFAUTOPARENT set to /usr/local/context/ 
LuaTools | fileio: variable TEXMFCNF set to {$SELFAUTODIR, 
LuaTools | fileio: loading configuration file /usr/local/context/ 

Then I tried a simple test file after using "luatool --generate" on my  
non-admin account:
titus:wech jh$ luatool --generate
titus:wech jh$ context myriad.tex
system          : myriad.top loaded
fonts           : preloading latin modern fonts
bodyfont        : 12pt rm is loaded
language        : language en is active
system          : module simplefonts loaded
loading         : ConTeXt User Module / Simplefonts
! Undefined control sequence.
l.707 \startprocesscommacommand
---Terminal Output---

Well, it seems that your instructions did basically work, since the  
module simplefonts is loaded. But nevertheless the simple test file  
aborts and complains about " Undefined control sequence. l.707  

Do you have an idea what went wrong on my side?

The content of the file "myriad.tex" is just:

% \definefontfeature[default][default][
%   mode=node,
%   protrusion=quality,
%   expansion=quality,
%   onum=yes,pnum=yes]
\usemodule[simplefonts] %[size=10pt]
\setmainfont[Myriad Pro]
% \setupbodyfont[ss,10pt]
% \setupinterlinespace[line=2.6ex]
% \definefont[big][Serif at .25\vsize]
Nun denn.

The Myriad font is installed, see Screenshot "Schriftsammlung.pdf".
Definitely a dump error on my side, but could you please give me a  
hint on how to proceed?

It seems that I am really dependent on your installer...

Many thanks again for your help and patience

Best regards

Joerg Hecke
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