[dev-context] Mac installation package

Oliver Buerschaper oliver.buerschaper at mpq.mpg.de
Fri Aug 14 19:54:21 CEST 2009

> I gave it a try and it works quite nice. Since I am currently using  
> Context/MKII (Installed via the TexLive 2008 distribution) for my  
> documents, your solution would provide even me with a fairly simple  
> method to use the current minimals installation and to try out MKIV.  
> Even switching between "Context-2009-06-11-beta", "gwTeX" and  
> "TeXLive-2008" by using the TeX Distribution system preference panel  
> works.
> A Testdocument works with "TeXLive-2008" (texexec  
> produktvorschlag.tex) as well as with your installation  
> "Context-2009-06-11-beta" (context produktvorschlag.tex)


> Would it be possible to install (optionally perhaps) third party  
> modules like t-letter and t-simplefonts also?

Yeah, that should be doable. The Apple installer definitely supports  
packages with several (optional) components. And I think it's a very  
nice thing to have right out of the box. I'll put it on the roadmap.

In the meantime you may install any third party material manually (see  

> Or can I install these third party modules by myself in your  
> "Context-2009-06-11-beta" tree (downloading first-setup.sh in your  
> folder "/usr/local/context/2009-06-11-beta" failed for me, perhaps  
> due to missing rights?)?

Well, you can. If you want these modules to be available to all local  
users of your Mac  place the entire directory hierarchy of each module  
in the tree /usr/local/context/2009-06-11-beta/texmf-local. You'll  
need admin access though since /usr/local/context is a protected  
system directory.

If you want the modules to be available only to yourself put their  
files in ~/Library/texmf (where ~ denotes your home directory). For  
this you don't need admin rights. Be warned though that the ~/Library/ 
texmf tree is shared with TeXLive. Hence anything you put there  
supersedes older versions of the same stuff contained in TeXLive and  
this might cause some funny interferences when you run an old ConTeXt  
from the TeXLive distribution ...

In both cases you need to issue

luatools --generate

before ConTeXt recognizes the new additions. If you installed the  
modules in the system location you need to repeat this step for each  
local user.

Note that this package is still experimental so ~/Library/texmf (as  
well as most other things) might be subject to change.


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