[dev-context] Mac installation package

Jörg Hecke j.hecke at seh.de
Fri Aug 14 11:11:27 CEST 2009


> I'd be glad if as many people as possible on this list would give it a
> try and report back their experience. Once the package turns out to
> work as intended I'll make it available to the wider public.

I gave it a try and it works quite nice. Since I am currently using  
Context/MKII (Installed via the TexLive 2008 distribution) for my  
documents, your solution would provide even me with a fairly simple  
method to use the current minimals installation and to try out MKIV.  
Even switching between "Context-2009-06-11-beta", "gwTeX" and  
"TeXLive-2008" by using the TeX Distribution system preference panel  
A Testdocument works with "TeXLive-2008" (texexec  
produktvorschlag.tex) as well as with your installation  
"Context-2009-06-11-beta" (context produktvorschlag.tex)

Another Question though:
Would it be possible to install (optionally perhaps) third party  
modules like t-letter and t-simplefonts also? I would like to try to  
use Myriad Pro and using simplefonts seems to be the simplest solution  
for that (at least for me when reading through the wiki. I don't think  
that I am able to create typescripts, support files for TeX etc.).

Or can I install these third party modules by myself in your  
"Context-2009-06-11-beta" tree (downloading first-setup.sh in your  
folder "/usr/local/context/2009-06-11-beta" failed for me, perhaps due  
to missing rights?)?

Many thanks for working on such a nice installer package for such a  
simple users as me on the Mac.

Best Regards


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