[dev-context] A few questions

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 5 23:49:55 CEST 2009

Hi Hans,

here are a few questions which I want to ask since a few days.

1. texdefinition

I like start/stoptexdefinition because it makes the source for certain  
macros more readable
than \def allows me but is there a way to use it for macros without  

2. commalists

Together with texdefinition I use now start/stopprocesscommalist  
(feature request: I need also
start/stopprocessassignmentlist) but I can use the list value without  
the need to define a command
where I specify what should happen with it

   the current list value is #1\par

but why is there not something equivalent for the normal  
processcommalist because the start/stop
method is not the best method when you need nested lists, something  
like this would be nice then
(I know \doprocesscommalist is already defined):

        {do something with #1 and ##1}}

3. setups

The various start/stopsetups environments another nice feature but  
what's the correct method when
I want my own setup environment, should I adapt the following line  
from core-env to my own command

   \def\startsetups     {\xxstartsetups\plusone  \stopsetups     } \let 
\stopsetups     \relax

and use method from lxml-ini to access/flush the content?

4. Mixed assignment/comma lists

Are mixed lists of normal comma elements and assignments are allowed  
by ConTeXt’s syntax because
there is a command in the source (\processassignlist) to process the  
non assignment values from
the list? On the other side these values generate a error message on  
the terminal where one can read
there is a missing '=' in the element and this message can't be  
disabled (without hacks).

Kind regards,

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