[dev-context] error: You can't use `\vadjust' in internal vertical mode

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri Jun 12 18:54:39 CEST 2009

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Taco Hoekwater wrote:
>> Hans Hagen wrote:
>>> Hans Hagen wrote:
>>>> Sanjoy Mahajan wrote:
>>>>>> Either the bug is fixed or there is a subtle difference between
>>>>>> our installations, but I do not get an error
>>>> interesting, i get an error on ...  pplb8r
>>>> i think i'm going to blame mojca ... (this will trigger her into 
>>>> solution mode)
>>> ok, the problem is in the images ... please make images self contained 
>> I don 't think so. I have the font (which is just Palatino-Roman), and
> well, the a map file issue .. but i gave up on those funny tex fonts 
> (esp the ones ending on r)
> anyhow, with the new zip i get the error

If I patch \sidefloatoutput (page-sid.tex) like so:

-           \vadjust{\penalty\minusone}%
+           \ifinner\else \vadjust{\penalty\minusone}\fi

it runs without error. It looks like the side float output routine
is called in the middle of this math display:

   a-b+c-d+f-g+h-e\equiv1\ (\mod 3),
   which shows that all vertices cannot be made multiples of~3

I think my patch somewhat odd, but at least it does not crash and I fear
that the sidefloat output in this case (a float next to a display that
forces a page break) is somewhat undefined anyway.

Best wishes,

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