[dev-context] Norwegian in ConTeXt (a delayed answer)

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 22:52:20 CEST 2009

On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 20:04, Karl Ove Hufthammer wrote:
> Hello Mojca and list!
> Sorry for the very (almost a year) late reply, but I now finally have some time
> to devote to this issue. Please see the discussion below. What can I do to
> finally get Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk properly supported in
> ConTeXt?

What is missing at the moment?

 Måndag 16. juni 2008 skreiv Mojca Miklavec:
>Mojca/Hans/Mojca/Hans/Mojca wrote:
>>>>> And we need to improve support for "Norwegian" - the poor user asked
>>>>> for it more than one year ago.
>>>> anyhow, norwegian ... the poor user is not that poor apart from 3
>>>> missing hyphenation exceptions -)
>>> No, he also sent translations for all the labels for Nynorsk that have
>>> never been included into ConTeXt, and language tags nn & nb have not
>>> been added either.
>> hm, must have lost that
>[So I send this to the mailing list before a private conversation is lost
> again]
>It's still there:
>    http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.tex.context.devel/349/
>The point we stopped at was: you wanted to keep no and derive nn & nb
>from it, but it stopped at hyphenation patterns somewhere (they were
>submitted to CTAN, but notheng has happened afterwards), and at the
>fact that nobody came up with a suggestion of how to derive the
>languages from each other.
>It really doesn't hurt if we define two languages nb and nn (such as
>there are multiple languages for Czech/Slovak,
>Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian), and "remove" no, in the sense that no can
>be left as a synonym to nb only.

The labels nn and nb should work or are there any problems?

\installlanguage [\s!no]        [\s!nb]
\installlanguage [\s!norwegian] [\s!nb]
\installlanguage [\s!bokmal]    [\s!nb]
\installlanguage [\s!nynorsk]   [\s!nn]

Please check what's in patterns/lang-n[bno].pat.

>Hans F. Nordhaug:
> I think "no" should be deprecated and giving a (useful) warning/error -
> telling people to switch to "nb".

Now it defaults to nb in ConTeXt (no error message).

>To sum up, we need the following language codes: nb and nn.
>And we need the following mappings:
>bokmal --> nb
>bokmål --> nb (if possible)
>nynorsk --> nn
>norsk --> nb (with warning)
>norwegian --> nb (with warning)

Please check the state in languages.dat in TeX Live 2008.

>You also need to ask Hans how to provide a "'no' is not allowed
>language switch" warning or error.
>What are you planning to do with the "norwegian" interface?
>Hans: why is "Norwegian" currently not listed in mult-sys.tex? Because
>only languages which need something different than "ec" need to be
>listed there or is there some other reason?
>Hans, you pointed out the chineese module ... but from what I can see
>there, one needs to include the module explicitely and ConTeXt users
>are pampered too much ;) (i.e. everything should happen automatically)
>- is there a way to say something like this?
>  \setupitemize[stopper=]
>  \definesymbol[1][\endash]

There exists a command \startlanguagespecifics. So you could probably use


But I didn't test it (there were many users complaining that this
doesn't work since recently and I didn't follow if it was resolved or

>>>    leftquotation=\leftguillemot,
>>>    rightquotation=\rightguillemot,
>>Are the old values wrong or just an alternative?
>Well, there are no very strict rules in Norwegian; you *can* use every
>possible quotation mark. But the guillemots are certainly the preferred ones
>for (outer) quotations.

You need to choose one default value. I dared changing the defaults
after one year. If there is one preferred value and if other
Norwegians agree, you may change that.

>My suggestion is
>and leave levels 6+ at their defaults. Norwegian people, feel free to
> comment on this. :)

I'm not a Norwegian, so I cannot comment :)

>For Slovenian and Hungarian, the same "problem" exists. Now I use
>although it would be more clean if one could have something similar to
>  \setupheads[stopper=.]
>in default settings once that will be implemented.

Dot after header should be implemented by now, but I didn't come to it
yet. You could use a separate thread to ask about it. It can be solved
for mkiv, a bit more difficult with mkii.

>\setupheadtext [\s!nb] [\v!content=Innhold]
>\setupheadtext [\s!nn] [\v!content=Innhald]

Anything wrong or missing in lang-ger.tex?


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