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Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri Jan 30 19:03:44 CET 2009


An note about the math stuff wrt. luatex itself: there is no released
beta yet, but current luatex trunk matches Hans' experimental version.
It labels itself version 0.33.0, the revision is #1847, and it seems
to be rather stable, despite massive math code changes.

There are two big user-visible changes so far
(this information is especially for Mojca & Aditya ).

* I have added xetex-compatible primitives for the setting of
   math- and delcodes (and derivates). The names start with \U...
   instead of \XeTeX..., though.

* Many of the math parameters are now separated out; some three
   dozen math parameters are definable in the eight math styles
   (\displaystyle, \textstyle, \scriptstyle, \scriptscriptstyle
    and \cramped versions thereof) using explicit TeX primitives
   or (easier, automatically) via loading of math fonts.

   Math fonts can now have a "MathConstants" lua subtable, this is
   simply the math data generated by fontforge, scaled to size.
   If this table is present in a font that is assigned to a math
   family slot, this data will be used instead of the traditional
   font parameters from \fam2 and \fam3.

The manual is updated but not quite up to speed yet, I will fix
that over the weekend (mostly explanations missing).

Nothing new in OpenType MATH is really supported yet except these
MathConstants (and Hans maps the traditional things like verticals
extenders and italic corrections to their tfm equivalents), but
there is definate progress.

Still to do/planned (in planned/proposed implementation order):

* Separate out the math spacing rules into parameters
* Allow \mathchardef-ed control sequences in text mode
* Support for automatic large operator size choosing
* Full support for Math-Style extensibles (with overlaps)
* Horizontal extensibles (\arrowfill, \bracefill)
* Stetch Stacks (for \overbrace cs.)
* Stacks (like \atop, but with more than two items)
* One-click full font&param switching (for \boldmath)
* Prescripts
* Flattened accents
* Bottom accents
* ??

(that list is open for discussion).

Have fun,


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