[dev-context] cont-en.xml / unique keys

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Dec 21 23:07:42 CET 2008

Patrick Gundlach wrote:
> Hi,
> could we add some unique key to the commands? That way we could have a
> more reliable way to know which command is which. It is useful when you
> use cd:inherit and refer to a command, such as color (which can be an
> environment or a standalone command) or commands with variants. It even
> removes the need for the variant=".." which is not perfect (see
> setupinterlinespace2 for example, it has variant 2 but there is no
> setupinterlinespace2 with variant 1). 
> example:
>   <cd:command id="d1e311" name="setuplanguage" file="lang-ini.tex" category="lan

why not using something

cd:command id=cd:<number>

which makes it 'easier' to refer to them when discussing them (i hate 
funny keys -)

btw 1: i made a simple variation of texshow using texlua as webserver, 
just for local usage in editors like i do in scite)

btw 2: we can use the id also for related info as the one users can 
enter on the wiki; i can even imagine that we use such id's in the wiki 
examples (so that we can filter <wikisection command=cd:number>... )


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