[dev-context] Texlive 2008 and luatools

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Jul 16 09:17:24 CEST 2008

Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> Hi,
> Texlive 2008 works perfectly with Context, but I have one question 
> regarding luatools. I am posting this here rather than on TL mailing list, 
> since I do not want to cause more confusion on TL regarding ConTeXt.
> In the bin directory in minimals, luatools is a copy of luatools.lua. This 
> means that one does not need ruby in order to run luatools. It also means 
> that whenver you upgrade your system, you need to run luatools 
> --selfupdate.
> In TL2008, luatools is a wrapper script.
> #!/bin/sh
> texmfstart luatools.lua "$@"
> This means that you need to have ruby in order to run luatools. The 
> advantage is that you do not need to run luatools --selfupdate. In terms 
> of speed, there is a slight disadvantage, you first start ruby, and then 
> start texlua. Using a wrapper script was suggested by Taco on the mailing 
> list.

having a 'copy' or 'symlink' is indeed the best for luatools and mtxrun, 
  and using texmfstart for it is at some point going to fail

> If TL is to use a wrapper scipt, why not simply
> #!/bin/sh
> mtxrun --script luatools "$@"
> this will mean that you do not start ruby before moving to lua. In both 
> cases, one has to do mtxrun --selfupdate after a update that changes 
> mtxrun.

i prefer both mtxrun and luatools to be handled as programs and not 
being stubbed (in a luatex specific installation there won;t even be a 
texmfstart anyway and i'm thinking of replacing texmfstart by mtxrun at 

> This is not really important, since luatools will be run rarely. Do you 
> think that the current texmfstart wrapper should be changed to a mtxrun 
> wrapper?

at some point i might replace luatools by mtx-tools so that we only have 
  mtxrun; i could not combine both because they have a different set of 
flags but in that case luatools would be a simple stub like 'context' is 


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