[dev-context] Texlive 2008 and luatools

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Wed Jul 16 03:18:45 CEST 2008


Texlive 2008 works perfectly with Context, but I have one question 
regarding luatools. I am posting this here rather than on TL mailing list, 
since I do not want to cause more confusion on TL regarding ConTeXt.

In the bin directory in minimals, luatools is a copy of luatools.lua. This 
means that one does not need ruby in order to run luatools. It also means 
that whenver you upgrade your system, you need to run luatools 

In TL2008, luatools is a wrapper script.

texmfstart luatools.lua "$@"

This means that you need to have ruby in order to run luatools. The 
advantage is that you do not need to run luatools --selfupdate. In terms 
of speed, there is a slight disadvantage, you first start ruby, and then 
start texlua. Using a wrapper script was suggested by Taco on the mailing 

If TL is to use a wrapper scipt, why not simply

mtxrun --script luatools "$@"

this will mean that you do not start ruby before moving to lua. In both 
cases, one has to do mtxrun --selfupdate after a update that changes 

This is not really important, since luatools will be run rarely. Do you 
think that the current texmfstart wrapper should be changed to a mtxrun 


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