[dev-context] format() without formatting

Peter Rolf peter.rolf at arcor.de
Tue Jun 17 12:49:07 CEST 2008

Hans Hagen schrieb:
> Peter Rolf wrote:
>> Hi,
>> can one of the experienced lua programmers here think about a special
>> version of format()? This function in general is of great help (short, 
>> good readable code), but in combination with direct written pdf code 
>> (like in mlib-pdf.lua) is has a major drawback.
>> All numbers are written with fixed size (as normally intended in
>> formatted output). As a result you get '0.000000' instead of a short '0'.
>> Look in an uncompressed pdf and you will see how much space is wasted
>> there in total.
> it's a trade off; %g is not usable because we then get e notation
> and postprocessing is no option either because it's a waste of cpu cycles
stupid me (a much simpler approach is possible).

just looked deeper in mlib-pdf.lua. i simply added '%.3f' on all
positions, where coordinates/measures are written. same for integer 
('%.0f' or as in the pdf reference '%.1f'). much shorter and better 
readability of the unpacked pdf. so there is no really need for an 
*optimal* solution with an adapted format function. sorry for the noise.

>> With enabled compression things don't look that bad (regarding to file 
>> size), but it's still a unnecessary waste.
> indeed, such sequences compress well
yes <sigh>. i optimized some code and saved around 18k in the final
uncompressed pdf (3% smaller). took me some time and i was a little
proud of myself. after compressing all saving that was left were 1.111 
bytes. <sigh again> :)

but this is not only a file size issue. you have to represent the data
in some way in memory. less memory usage, less time for data scanning 
means faster viewing.

> adding special formatter function has a low priority .. maybe some day
> Hans
so can you please simply limit the number of digits after the point in 
mlib-pdf.lua? you have already done this for colors at the end of the 
source. if i have to patch one more file, i can make my own distribution ;)

regards, peter

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