[dev-context] mtxrun nonstopmode

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jun 16 17:37:11 CEST 2008

Oliver Buerschaper wrote:
>> While at it, I would like to place a vote for having as few
>> command names as is feasible. In the current situation I find
>> I often forget whether I need ctxtools or xmltools or textools
>> or ...

not all scripts are for everyday use ... when using mkiv some can go 
away (rlxtools may be intergrated in mkiv for instance) but combining 
all in one also complicstes matters (conflicting flags for instance)

some functionality moves ... for instance ctxtools and tmftools contain 
some 'fixup for tds situations' and that goes away when solved or no 
longer needed; an example of code that moves from ctxtools to somplace 
else if pattern conversion code (goes to mtx-patterns) and only an 
unhappy few will use that (read: mojca and me); in mtx-* featrues are 
differently organized and grouped

other stuff, like texexec's --pdf* features will not end up in 
mtx-context but will become ctx file driven features, so think of 
--ctx=pdfcombine and so

> I'd second that idea right away!

well, old script will stay forever because mkii will stay forever


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