[dev-context] Norwegian in ConTeXt (a delayed answer)

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 12:20:58 CEST 2008

Mojca/Hans/Mojca/Hans/Mojca wrote:

>>>> And we need to improve support for "Norwegian" - the poor user asked
>>>> for it more than one year ago.
>>> anyhow, norwegian ... the poor user is not that poor apart from 3 missing hyphenation exceptions -)
>> No, he also sent translations for all the labels for Nynorsk that have
>> never been included into ConTeXt, and language tags nn & nb have not
>> been added either.
> hm, must have lost that

[So I send this to the mailing list before a private conversation is lost again]

It's still there:

The point we stopped at was: you wanted to keep no and derive nn & nb
from it, but it stopped at hyphenation patterns somewhere (they were
submitted to CTAN, but notheng has happened afterwards), and at the
fact that nobody came up with a suggestion of how to derive the
languages from each other.

It really doesn't hurt if we define two languages nb and nn (such as
there are multiple languages for Czech/Slovak,
Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian), and "remove" no, in the sense that no can
be left as a synonym to nb only.



Hans F. Nordhaug:

> I think "no" should be deprecated and giving a (useful) warning/error -
> telling people to switch to "nb".



To sum up, we need the following language codes: nb and nn.
And we need the following mappings:

bokmal --> nb
bokmål --> nb (if possible)
nynorsk --> nn
norsk --> nb (with warning)
norwegian --> nb (with warning)



You also need to ask Hans how to provide a "'no' is not allowed
language switch" warning or error.

What are you planning to do with the "norwegian" interface?

Hans: why is "Norwegian" currently not listed in mult-sys.tex? Because
only languages which need something different than "ec" need to be
listed there or is there some other reason?

Hans, you pointed out the chineese module ... but from what I can see
there, one needs to include the module explicitely and ConTeXt users
are pampered too much ;) (i.e. everything should happen automatically)
- is there a way to say something like this?




>>    leftquotation=\leftguillemot,
>>    rightquotation=\rightguillemot,
>Are the old values wrong or just an alternative?

Well, there are no very strict rules in Norwegian; you *can* use every
possible quotation mark. But the guillemots are certainly the preferred ones
for (outer) quotations.



My suggestion is


and leave levels 6+ at their defaults. Norwegian people, feel free to comment
on this. :)



so it would really make sense to enable something like



Perhaps that exists already, but I don't know how to do it.

For Slovenian and Hungarian, the same "problem" exists. Now I use


although it would be more clean if one could have something similar to


in default settings once that will be implemented.



\setupheadtext [\s!nb] [\v!content=Innhold]
\setupheadtext [\s!nn] [\v!content=Innhald]

\setupheadtext [\s!nb] [\v!tables=Tabeller]
\setupheadtext [\s!nn] [\v!tables=Tabellar]

\setupheadtext [\s!nb] [\v!figures=Figurer]
\setupheadtext [\s!nn] [\v!figures=Figurar]

\setupheadtext [\s!nb] [\v!graphics=Bilde]
\setupheadtext [\s!nn] [\v!graphics=Bilete]

\setupheadtext [\s!nb] [\v!intermezzi=Intermesso]
\setupheadtext [\s!nn] [\v!intermezzi=Intermesso]

\setupheadtext [\s!nb] [\v!index=Register]
\setupheadtext [\s!nn] [\v!index=Register]

\setupheadtext [\s!nb] [\v!abbreviations=Forkortelser]
\setupheadtext [\s!nn] [\v!abbreviations=Forkortingar]

\setupheadtext [\s!nb] [\v!logos=Logoer]
\setupheadtext [\s!nn] [\v!logos=Logoar]

\setupheadtext [\s!nb] [\v!units=Enheter]
\setupheadtext [\s!nn] [\v!units=Einingar]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!table=Tabell ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!table=Tabell ]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!figure=Figur ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!figure=Figur ]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!intermezzo=Intermesso ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!intermezzo=Intermesso ]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!graphic=Bilde ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!graphic=Bilete ]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!chapter=]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!chapter=]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!section=]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!section=]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!subsection=]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!subsection=]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!subsubsection=]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!subsubsection=]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!subsubsubsection=]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!subsubsubsection=]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!appendix=] % Tillegg
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!appendix=] % Tillegg

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!part=Del]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!part=Del]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!line=linje ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!line=linje ]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!lines=linjer ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!lines=linjer ]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]   [\v!january=januar]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]  [\v!february=februar]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]     [\v!march=mars]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]     [\v!april=april]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]       [\v!may=mai]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]      [\v!june=juni]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]      [\v!july=juli]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]    [\v!august=august]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!september=september]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]   [\v!october=oktober]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]  [\v!november=november]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]  [\v!december=desember]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]   [\v!january=januar]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]  [\v!february=februar]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]     [\v!march=mars]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]     [\v!april=april]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]       [\v!may=mai]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]      [\v!june=juni]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]      [\v!july=juli]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]    [\v!august=august]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!september=september]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]   [\v!october=oktober]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]  [\v!november=november]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]  [\v!december=desember]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]    [\v!sunday=s\ostroke ndag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]    [\v!monday=mandag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]   [\v!tuesday=tirsdag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!wednesday=onsdag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]  [\v!thursday=torsdag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]    [\v!friday=fredag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]  [\v!saturday=l\ostroke rdag]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]    [\v!sunday=sundag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]    [\v!monday=m\aring ndag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]   [\v!tuesday=tysdag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!wednesday=onsdag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]  [\v!thursday=torsdag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]    [\v!friday=fredag]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]  [\v!saturday=laurdag]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]    [\v!page=side ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]  [\v!atpage=p\aring\ side ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!hencefore=som vist over]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!hereafter=som vist under]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb]       [\v!see=se ]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]    [\v!page=side ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]  [\v!atpage=p\aring\ side ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!hencefore=som vist over]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!hereafter=som vist under]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn]       [\v!see=sj\aring\ ]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!january  :\s!mnem=jan.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!february :\s!mnem=feb.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!march    :\s!mnem=mars]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!april    :\s!mnem=april]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!may      :\s!mnem=mai]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!june     :\s!mnem=juni]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!july     :\s!mnem=juli]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!august   :\s!mnem=aug.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!september:\s!mnem=sep.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!october  :\s!mnem=okt.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!november :\s!mnem=nov.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nb] [\v!december :\s!mnem=des.]

\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!january  :\s!mnem=jan.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!february :\s!mnem=feb.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!march    :\s!mnem=mars]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!april    :\s!mnem=april]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!may      :\s!mnem=mai]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!june     :\s!mnem=juni]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!july     :\s!mnem=juli]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!august   :\s!mnem=aug.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!september:\s!mnem=sep.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!october  :\s!mnem=okt.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!november :\s!mnem=nov.]
\setuplabeltext [\s!nn] [\v!december :\s!mnem=des.]



  date={day,{.},\ ,month,\ ,year},

This is for Norwegian Nynorsk ('nn'), but the same setup is used for Norwegian
Bokmål (the values used for 'day' differ, though -- see below).



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