[dev-context] context program, mtxrun question?

Oliver Buerschaper oliver.buerschaper at mpq.mpg.de
Tue May 27 13:35:43 CEST 2008

> Just ignore this suggestion, it is superseded by the new beta

Fresh attempt with version 2008.05.26 23:27 beta. Previously I wiped  
all instances of luatex-cache from my machine. As last time I didn't  
set any TEXMFCACHE environment variable and also placed the following  
texmfcnf.lua into texmf/web2c:


config = {}
config.TEXMFCACHE = "/usr/local/context/2008-05-26-beta/texmf-cache"
return config


This time generating the file database works but uses the wrong cache  
location. Apparently texmfcnf.lua is read but ignored. Format  
generation appears to run without flaws but keeps using the wrong  
cache. Please find logs of stdout attached ...

By the way, you seem to have removed the stub "context" in texmf-osx- 
intel/bin. Instead I tried to run a test file using

bash# mtxrun --script context test.tex

directly but I'm afraid neither context nor mtx-context.lua can be  
found. See also:


bash# luatools --variables

bash# luatools --expansions

bash# luatools --configurations

/usr/texbin/luatools:6527: attempt to call field 'tabstr' (a nil value)

bash# luatools --find-file mtx-context.lua --verbose

LuaTools | version 1.2.0 - 2006+ - PRAGMA ADE / CONTEXT

LuaTools | following symlink /usr/texbin to /usr/local/context/ 
LuaTools | variable SELFAUTOLOC set to /usr/local/context/2008-05-26- 
LuaTools | variable SELFAUTODIR set to /usr/local/context/2008-05-26- 
LuaTools | variable SELFAUTOPARENT set to /usr/local/context/ 
LuaTools | variable TEXMFCNF set to {$SELFAUTODIR,$SELFAUTOPARENT}{,{/ 
LuaTools | loading configuration file /usr/local/context/2008-05-26- 
LuaTools | skipping configuration for /usr/local/context/2008-05-26- 
beta/texmf/web2c from /var/folders/d5/d5kShiN8Gla+FttIH2Kn4E+++TM/- 
LuaTools |
LuaTools |
LuaTools | runtime: 0.009 seconds


Note that while file database and format generation were run as root  
the latter commands were called as a normal user. It that makes a  


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