[dev-context] context program, mtxrun question?

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Fri May 23 08:47:19 CEST 2008

> So, assuming /opt/tex/texmf-linux/bin, it attempts the following
> directories, in this order:
>   [/opt/tex/texmf]/web2c                    % two parents up
>   [/opt/tex/texmf-linux]/texmf/web2c        % one parent up
>   [/opt/tex]/texmf-local/web2c
>   [/opt/tex/texmf-linux]/texmf-local/web2c

Shouldn't local have some precedence over texmf? (Maybe I'm wrong.)

Just a side note:

Here I have the cnf file under

The binaries are under

but I didn't test it on gwTeX yet.

The main idea - cnf file will be overwritten by every update if it's
only in texmf/web2c. The user needs to be able to put it either to
texmf-local or to the top (at the same level where setuptex is), and
that one needs to have precedence over the one in texmf.

Unrelated - how exactly do I set TEXMFCACHE to be in texmf-cache
alongside other texmf trees?
I have tried (I know that this cannot work):
    TEXMFCACHE = '$TEXROOT/texmf-cache',
but TEXROOT is probably unknown anyway

Maybe it's still respecting the order in
from texmf.cnf, and $TMP doesn't exist on mac, so home is the first
existing folder (where I hate to keep the cache - it should at least
have a preceeding dot then).

The only problem with mkii: basically works, but texexec --make puts
formats under texmf-context and the kpathsea doesn't find them for
some reason. If format is put under texmf-engine/web2c, everything
works out of the box afterwards (with only path variable being set).


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