[dev-context] mpost -8bit not working on MikTeX

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 17:56:12 CEST 2008

Hello Hans,

in tex.rb you pass the option -8bit to mpost. That option is
(apparently - I have not tested, but see the list at the bottom) not
available on MikTeX 2.7. I have no idea when this switch is needed and
if there is any replacement for it, but it would be nice to fix the
script in one way or another.

Apparently this mechanism is going to change really soon anyway :),
but for MikTeX it means waiting for the next version, so it might make
sense to fix that and upload the fixed version to CTAN. (As far as I
know, MikTeX is the only and the most important "user" of ConTeXt from
CTAN, and it makes sense to keep some compromise of recent vs. stable
version there.)


Here's an email sent to the MikTeX mailing list:

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 11:57 AM,  <olivier.billet at orange-ftgroup.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
>  We are using MiKTeX 2.7 and ConTeXt and we are experiencing a bug during
>  the interaction of ConTeXt and metapost.  Namely, the wrapper script
>  texexec ends the run by noting the following error:
>   mpost: Invalid command-line option
>  Compiling with mpost directly the (on the fly created)
>  jobname-mpgraph.mp file works properly.  This bug seems to have slept
>  into
>  2.7 after the fix of the ConTeXt package some weeks ago...
>  Is this a known bug? Below is a minimal sample file with which the bug
>  occurs. Is there an easy fix?
>  Thanks for your help,
>  Olivier
>  %---------------    sample file    --------------------------
>  \starttext
>  \startreusableMPgraphic{symb-circle-oo}
>    numeric u; u=1.8pt;
>    fill ((0,0)..(0,3u)..(3u,3u)..(3u,0)..cycle);
>  \stopreusableMPgraphic
>  \reuseMPgraphic{symb-circle-oo}
>  \stoptext
>  -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Usage: mpost [OPTION...] [COMMAND...]
  -alias=APP                      Pretend to be APP.  This affects both the
                                  format used and the search path.
  -aux-directory=DIR              Use DIR as the directory to write auxiliary
                                  files to.
  -bistack-size=N                 Set bistack_size to N.
  -buf-size=N                     Set buf_size to N.
  -c-style-errors                 Enable file:line:error style messages.
  -disable-installer              Disable the package installer.  Missing
                                  files will not be installed.
  -disable-pipes                  Disable input (output) from (to) processes.
  -dont-parse-first-line          Do not parse the first line of the input
                                  line to look for a dump name and/or extra
                                  command-line options.
  -enable-installer               Enable the package installer.  Missing files
                                  will be installed.
  -enable-pipes                   Enable input (output) from (to) processes.
  -error-line=N                   Set error_line to N.
  -extra-mem-top=N                Set extra_mem_top to N.
  -font-mem-size=N                Set font_mem_size to N.
  -half-error-line=N              Set half_error_line to N.
  -halt-on-error                  Stop after the first error.
  -help                           Show this help screen and exit.
  -hhelp                          Show the manual page in an HTMLHelp window
                                  and exit when the window is closed.
  -include-directory=DIR          Prefix DIR to the input search path.
  -initialize                     Be the INI variant of the program.
  -interaction=MODE               Set the interaction mode; MODE must be one
                                  of: batchmode, nonstopmode, scrollmode,
  -job-name=NAME                  Set the job name and hence the name(s) of
                                  the output file(s).
  -job-time=FILE                  Set the job time.  Take FILE's timestamp as
                                  the reference.
  -lig-table-size=N               Set lig_table_size to N.
  -main-memory=N                  Set main_memory to N.
  -max-print-line=N               Set max_print_line to N.
  -max-strings=N                  Set max_strings to N.
  -no-c-style-errors              Disable file:line:error style messages.
  -output-directory=DIR           Use DIR as the directory to write output
                                  files to.
  -param-size=N                   Set param_size to N.
  -parse-first-line               Parse the first line of the input line to
                                  look for a dump name and/or extra
                                  command-line options.
  -path-size=N                    Set path_size to N.
  -pool-size=N                    Set pool_size to N.
  -quiet                          Suppress all output (except errors).
  -record-package-usages=FILE     Enable the package usage recorder.  Output
                                  is written to FILE.
  -recorder                       Turn on the file name recorder to leave a
                                  trace of the files opened for input and
                                  output in a file with extension .fls.
  -stack-size=N                   Set stack_size to N.
  -string-vacancies=N             Set string_vacancies to N.
  -tcx=TCXNAME                    Use the TCXNAME translation table to set the
                                  mapping of inputcharacters and re-mapping of
                                  output characters.
  -tex=TEXPROGRAM                 Use TEXPROGRAM for text labels.
  -time-statistics                Show processing time statistics.
  -trace=OPTIONS                  Turn tracing on.  OPTIONS must be a
                                  comma-separated list of trace options.   See
                                  the manual, for more information.
  -undump=NAME                    Use NAME instead of program name when
                                  loading internal tables.
  -version                        Print version information and exit.

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