[dev-context] tex-text (XeTeX) & trep, tlig (LuaTeX)

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri Dec 7 22:16:55 CET 2007

Hans Hagen wrote:
>> That's fine by me, I would agree. Only: what about apostrophe (')?
>> (I'm, you're, ..)
> shouldn't that one be left untouched?

On typewriters (the real ones) there was often a character that
slanted upward, and it was used for end-of-quote as well as for
the "acute" accent.

The character in ASCII looks like a vertical stripe, but it
definately supposed to represent an apostrophe there, along with
other meanings (on my physical keyboard, it looks like an acute

Unicode actually prefers 0x2019, "RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK"
(which is semantically quite different from "apostrophe", imho),
but it does name the character at 0x27 "APOSTROPHE". It states
that character to be a "neutral (vertical) glyph with mixed usage",
leaving it wide open to interpretation.

I personally would really hate having to use a keyboard mapper
for phrases like "I'm sure" and "Hans' macros". Please keep
the ' to ’ remapping, at least in roman proportional fonts.

>> esp. the first one should better be left that way, and I never use `
>> (and have no idea what it's used for except in mysql and TeX source
>> code)

It is used in _lots_ of programming languages, but other then that
I don't know. The Unicode name of 0x60 is "GRAVE ACCENT". I assume
it is inherited from the typewriter era (circumflex as well).

Best wishes,

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