[dev-context] tex-text (XeTeX) & trep, tlig (LuaTeX)

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 11:36:56 CET 2007

Hello Hans,

I compared tex-text and trep, tlig. Since you map features=default to
trep and tlig, and both of them further to tex-text (twice), tex-text
could be split in two parts as well, so that you can make one-to-one

Should I make those changes and seny you the two files? (Twice 300
bytes to be added to ConTeXt + souce, which is approximately the same
as written below.)

1.) TREP

function fonts.initializers.base.otf.texquotes(tfm,value)
    tfm.characters[0x0022] = table.fastcopy(tfm.characters[0x201D])
    tfm.characters[0x0027] = table.fastcopy(tfm.characters[0x2019])
    tfm.characters[0x0060] = table.fastcopy(tfm.characters[0x2018])

Corresponding lines from XeTeX:

U+0022;  ;  ;   >;U+201D;  ; " -> right double quote
U+0027;  ;  ;  <>;U+2019;  ; ' -> right single quote
U+0060;  ;  ;  <>;U+2018;  ; ` -> left single quote

2.) TLIG

{ "endash", "hyphen hyphen" },
U+002D U+002D; ;  ;  <>;U+2013;  ; -- -> en dash

{ "emdash", "hyphen hyphen hyphen" },
U+002D U+002D U+002D;<>;U+2014;  ; --- -> em dash

{ "quotedblright", "quotesingle quotesingle" },
U+0027 U+0027; <>;U+201D;  ; '' -> right double quote

{ "quotedblleft", "grave grave" },
U+0060 U+0060; <>;U+201C;  ; `` -> left double quote

{ "quotedblbase", "comma comma" }
U+002C U+002C; <>;U+201E;  ; ,, -> DOUBLE LOW-9 QUOTATION MARK

missing from tex-text (not needed so far)

{ "quotedblleft", "quoteleft quoteleft" },
0x2018 0x2018 <> 0x201C ; 2x left single quote -> left double quote

{ "quotedblright", "quoteright quoteright" },
0x2019 0x2019 <> 0x201D ; 2x right single quote -> right double quote

3.) Only in XeTeX's tex-text (Do people need it?):

U+0021 U+0060; <>;U+00A1;  ; !` -> inverted exclam
U+003F U+0060; <>;U+00BF;  ; ?` -> inverted question

U+003C U+003C; <>;U+00AB;  ; << -> LEFT POINTING GUILLEMET
U+003E U+003E; <>;U+00BB;  ; >> -> RIGHT POINTING GUILLEMET

Plus, there's a little problem with this patch that I have sent you
(it's not in stable yet, so it might make sense to fix it before

\definefontsynonym[Dummy]          [name:\typescripttwo]   [features=default]
\definefontsynonym[DummyItalic]    [name:\typescripttwo/I] [features=default]
\definefontsynonym[DummyBold]      [name:\typescripttwo/B] [features=default]

\definefontsynonym[DummyCaps]      [name:\typescripttwo]   [features=smallcaps]

The problem is that "features=default" implies "script=latn", which is
not always desired. A copy of mapping=tex-text comes from tlig & trep
I assume that script=latn;language=dflt;+liga;+kern; is always on by
default (were needed), so basically mapping=tex-text is the only thing
that really needs to be added.


Some (non-latin) fonts complain when one requests non-existing features.

Also, it might be handy to be able to define
(for now forget that one, interface needs to be extended once and properly).

doesn't work, so the only way seems to be

I have tried to use
but that didn't work.


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