[dev-context] integrating context mkiv, luatex, and fmtutil, mktexlsr, etc

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Oct 3 13:04:25 CEST 2007

Norbert Preining wrote:

>   see my other email about multiple cache merging, but to some up:
>   . cache should be read from more then one directory, eg from
>     TEXMFSYSCACHE and TEXMFCACHE (with usual override stuff)
>   . single cache updates should be possible:
> 	luatools --generate $HOME/texmf
>     should generate the cache for $HOME/texmf in $TEXMFCACHE

let's assume that this is only useful for formats and file databases (i 
cannot imagine a sysadm messing around with documents in order to get a 
couple of font tables done)

as it happens, the file databases and formats used to go into the tree, 
but currently i default to

	input.usecache = true

now, i added an environment variable so that you can control this ...

	input.usecache = not toboolean(os.getenv("TEXMFSHARECACHE") or 

yes, true, one, 1 are all equal to true so you can try

	set TEXMFCACHE=true

well, your shell equivalent of that

i will upload a beta (generating now) so that you can play with it 
(luat-tmp, luatools and mtxrun are all adapted)

beware, for this beta you need a recent luatex because we no longer 
preload patterns but load them at runtime (smaller format, faster start, 
faster run) so we're talking real beta here -)


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