[dev-context] integrating context mkiv, luatex, and fmtutil, mktexlsr, etc

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Oct 3 09:48:24 CEST 2007

Hi Hans, Taco, all!

I am starting to think about integrating context/mkiv/luatex into TeX
Live (and use as a test bed the Debian packages). Currently I see the
following problems:
- integration into fmtutil:
  currently we build formats for cont-en/xetex, cont-en/pdftex, etc
  based on the fmtutil.cnf syntax, ie calling something like
	$ENGINE -ini  -jobname=cont-en -progname=context -8bit *cont-en.ini
  Now putting luatex as engine this doesn't work:
! LuaTeX error [string "luas[0]"]:1: attempt to index global 'input' (a nil value).
<argument> ...mf.instance,"luat-env.lua","tex")) }

- integration into mktexlsr
  see my other email about multiple cache merging, but to some up:
  . cache should be read from more then one directory, eg from
    TEXMFSYSCACHE and TEXMFCACHE (with usual override stuff)
  . single cache updates should be possible:
	luatools --generate $HOME/texmf
    should generate the cache for $HOME/texmf in $TEXMFCACHE

Other things I realized as user:
- running texexec --lua test.tex generates the format in 
  but it creates it again and again. 
- If I move the generated files from the above dir to
  and regenerate the luatex-cache with --generate --verbose the next run 
  does not work:
LuaTools | using format name /home/norbert/luatex-cache/context/e027248d6557d124c703335e8a95ecd5/formats/cont-en.fmt
LuaTools | no luc/lua with name /home/norbert/luatex-cache/context/e027248d6557d124c703335e8a95ecd5/formats/cont-en

Best wishes


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