[dev-context] XeTeX and font-selection problems

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Sep 11 23:05:54 CEST 2007

Arthur Reutenauer wrote:
>> (Well, "errare humanum est: "I would understand that ConTeXt generates
>> an error from time to time, but not that it's lying about it with
>> "Output written on smalltest.pdf" :)
>   It's actually XeTeX's fault: it doesn't take the return status of
> xdvipdfmx into account and says “Output written to ...” whatever the
> result of xdvipdfmx; you may remember Jonathan explained that to the
> XeTeX list.
>   I have no idea if this is now fixed in XeTeX.
>   As for the other problem you reported this afternoon (Metapost is not
> run when using \startMPcode in a XeTeX file), I'm now certain the
> general problem is the same: because ConTeXt tries hard to find some
> fonts (\xetextempfont), it generates errors in \batchmode, so the XeTeX
> run exits with a non-zero return code, and TeXExec thinks the
> compilation has failed, so it doesn't try to run Metapost as it should;
> I have made tests with a late July version on my computer where all this
> doesn't happen (2007.07.25 12:35).
>   I guess it's time for the ConTeXt developers to start over that little
> discussion we had with the XeTeX developer(s) :-)

hm, we use batchmode to catch an non found font so that we can look 
further; i would not expect xetex to quit then


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